Dueling Fun Facts: D.B. Cooper & Cinco De Mayo


In this edition of Dueling Fun Facts, James and Nikki battle back and forth with their topics:  D.B. Cooper, the mystery fugitive that stole $200,000 on a hijacked airplane and the Mexican holiday Cinco De Mayo. You can listen using the audio player below:  

Dueling Fun Facts: Boston Marathon & Louie Armstrong


This week’s Dueling Fun Facts covered The Boston Marathon and Louie Armstrong.  Here the battle between James & Nikki below!

Fun Facts: Unscripted Movie Scenes & Dogs


In this week’s edition of “Dueling Fun Facts”, James & Nikki battled it out with their topics:  “Unscripted Classic Movie Scenes” & “Dogs”.  Enjoy!

Fun Facts: Shopping & The Temptations


Shaun Streeter, who was sitting in for James during his vacation came prepared with fun facts about shopping while Nikki told us all about The Temptations!   Enjoy this edition of Fun Facts!

Zig Ziggler VS Saturday Night Live


This week’s Fun Facts featured special guest Shaun Streeter sitting in for Nikki.  In this edition, Zig Ziggler and Saturday Night Live were the competing topics!  Enjoy!

Batman & Thanksgiving


Only on Bill Clevlen’s Trivia Night will you find odd combinations like the 1960′s Batman TV series and the history of Thanksgiving wrapped together in one segment. It’s just another weekend with James & Nikki sharing their interesting factoids in this edition of “Dueling Fun Facts”.

Fun Facts: Frank Sinatra & Sammy Davis Jr.

Sammy Davis Jr. Pals Around with Frank Sinatra

Each week, James & Nikki duel back and forth with their fun fact topics.  Once in awhile they actually get together and pick topics that compliment one another!  This week’s topics were Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr! Listen to the entire segment!  

Dueling Fun Facts – 10/27/2012


James and Nikki dueled this weekend over their topics: James Bond and Vincent Price.   Perfect fun facts for the Halloween celebration this coming weekend. Each show James and Nikki pick a topic and then joust one another with “fun facts” about new topics each weekend.

Fun Facts: James Bond & Nightmare On Elm Street


In this edition of “Dueling Fun Facts” James and Nikki square off with their topics:  James Bond and Nightmare On Elm Street.   Who do you think wins the duel?  Listen and decide!  

Ask Bill Anything – 8/25/2012


Here’s our latest edition of “Ask Bill Anything”!  We get one last set of questions before a 6 week break during our September “travel trivia” promotion.  We went out with a bang!  See how many answers you can get correct!


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