A Proper Farewell For Larry Conners

Early Conners: On top of the Gateway Arch in downtown Saint Louis.

Since the weasels that are currently running KMOV Channel 4 in Saint Louis have shown they have zero class whatsoever, I wanted to make it known how great of a guy Larry Conners is. Larry has been a news anchor on Channel 4 since the early 80′s in Saint Louis, Missouri where I’ve lived most […]

Million Dollar Quartet

The Million Dollar Quartet

We’ve all enjoyed those special moments that seem to change your life forever.  In the Fall of 2012, I enjoyed one of them in Memphis, TN when I took a tour of the legendary Sun Studios.   In the course of about 15 minutes – everything I knew about rock and roll music changed and I’ve […]

My New Respect For Nerds


When we were kids, I remember our parents taking us to a flea market in San Jose, California every so often for an afternoon of “people watching”.  After a day of searching for deals on t-shirts and electronics — we’d wind down our time at the “swap meet” (as the locals called it) eating lunch […]

Shandi Finnessey


She’s from my hometown of Saint Louis, Missouri and it’s always a thrill when we get to see her and visit.  Shandi was Miss USA in 2004 and has been a successful model, TV host and even a contestant on Dancing With The Stars.   She spent an hour with us on Trivia Night recently and […]

Fall Travels


My brother recently turned 30 years old and we threw him a surprise birthday party in Nashville, TN.  I decided to make a mini-vacation out of the few days I set aside to head south.  Here are the things that I did and some links if you’d like to visit the attractions yourself. I began […]

7 Ways That Losers Ruined The Internet


You could spend a week listing all of the ways the internet has made our lives better. A YouTube video can teach you how to change the oil in your car or document how to go about building a deck.  A click of the mouse can give you directions in an instant and a photo […]

The Longest State?


A caller debates us about what the longest state East of the Mississippi river is.  Yes, that’s the kind of stuff we waste our precious air time on.  Enjoy!   Just FYI: The longest state: North Carolina.  It’s 560 miles long. Florida (Which was my guess) is only 447 miles long.

U.S. Citizenship


My former neighbors dropped by the studios for a quick visit recently after one of them became an official U.S. citizen.   Sonia passed the U.S. citizenship test and finally became “official” in 2012. We quizzed her on some of the questions that could have been on her test.  We understand there are 100 possible questions […]

Last Dance? Or Last Chance?


Sometimes all you can do is laugh when you get a caller that thinks they know everything, when in reality… they know nothing! We had a guy call into the trivia show that insists that Donna Summer’s hit song “Last Dance” is actually titled “Last Chance”.  Of course, he has no clue.  But, don’t try […]

Florida Trip Photos

Walt Disney Statue

Over the past week I was in Orlando, Florida.  I’ll have a full review on a few different aspects of the trip next week.  I went to the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Gator Land, the Henry P Leu Gardens and took a hot air balloon ride! I stayed on one of the Disney properties and […]


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