Cool Cars


I enjoy going to car shows, even though 90 percent of the time, I have no idea what I’m looking at.  This weekend, we stopped at local car show while passing through the town of Murphreesboro, TN.   The entire mall parking lot was full on a Friday night.   If you look closely, you […]

Storm Clouds


Snapped these shots on my way home from St. Charles county over the weekend. That’s the bridge on the Page Extension heading back toward Saint Louis. Pretty frightening! But, what awesome pics!

I’d Like To Buy A Vowel


Yes, Pat… I’d like to solve the puzzle……. “Urgent Core”?   You never know what you’ll find in downtown Saint Louis.  I just don’t think I want them handling my medical needs if they can’t spell!

Willie Nelson Turns 80


Music legend, Willie Nelson turns 80 years old April 30th, 2013.  (Although some sources say his birthday is on April 29th because he was born so close to midnight.)  FUN FACT:  In 1980, Willie played a concert at the White House for President Jimmy Carter and performed a duet with First Lady Rosalynn Carter. The […]

We Used To Build Cool Stuff, Too


In Vietnam, you can cross over a bridge with a dragon that shoots fire out of it’s mouth!  How friggin’ cool is that!?  We need more things like that here in the U.S. Maybe they can rig the new Stan Musial Bridge in Saint Louis over the Mississippi River to throw baseballs at cars!  Okay, […]

Opening Day In Saint Louis


A snapshot of Busch Stadium in Saint Louis, Missouri on opening day of the 2013 MLB season for the Saint Louis Cardinals home opener. Team mascot, Fred Bird sits back and takes it all in. Photo Courtesy Saint Louis Cardinals

Welcome To Spring?


You can debate whether “global warming” is real or not.  But, according to my back yard, there’s zero warming going on in Saint Louis this Spring… We’re expecting to 10 inches of snow, on the first weekend of Spring.

Snack Food Stadium

Lunch Meat Stadium

Enjoy the big game with your very own stadium made of lunch meat and snack food!  Complete with chips and vegetables in the stands!  Enjoy the Super Bowl this weekend and let’s go Rams!!  (Oh, wait.. nevermind.)  By the way, I have no idea who made this — it wasn’t me!!

Thanksgiving Time


According to data, at the peak, 226 photos per second were uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, etc. with the tag: “Thanksgiving” on November 23rd, 2012 – the  Thanksgiving holiday in the United States.  Suggesting that most families celebrated at 2:40pmCST/12:40PST. The full story is HERE.

Seeing Stars

Seeing Stars

Up to 50,000 star fish mysteriously washed ashore on a beach in Ireland but nobody knows why. Experts say it could have been from stormy weather or a high tide.


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