Top Ten KSDK Channel 5 Investigations


On Thursday, January 16th, a local news reporter from KSDK Channel 5 decided to visit local schools in search of security breaches as part of an investigative news piece.  Instead, he caused one of the schools to go into “lock down”, frightening students and angering parents. The station issued a half hearted apology on last […]

Phone Destruction


Did you see where Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz went crazy and demolished a dugout phone?  It was pretty wild — The last time I saw someone destroy a phone like that it was Anthony Weiner’s wife.

Airports On Edge


The Detroit airport was recently evacuated after something ‘suspicious’ was observed. I believe it was an American Airlines flight that arrived on time.  

Michael Jordan Weds


NBA legend Michael Jordan was recently married.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when the preacher said: “Michael, you may now dunk the bride”.

Living Near A Nuclear Power Plant?


1 in 3 Americans now live near a nuclear power plant. Meanwhile, today in Arkansas a family of 3 sat around trying to figure out which one of them lived near the power plant  

Porn Star Arrested


Porn star Jenna Jameson was recently arrested on  battery charges. Thankfully for police, she was already wearing handcuffs.  

Memory Study


“A new study says that women have better memories than men.  Also, listen to this – women have better memories than men.”

How Cold Is It?


There are record-low freezing temperatures across the country, even in places like Arizona. Everyone is having to make adjustments.  For example,  illegals are ice skating across the border.

Where’s The Trophy Isle?

Home Depot Posts A 54 Billion Quarterly Loss

The Home Depot College Football Awards were just passed out. Not surprising, the winners had to spend 20 minutes looking for someone to tell them where to find their trophies.

It’s Hard To Play Football


Chicago Bears receiver Brandon Marshall says that some NFL players use Viagra to get an edge on the field. Boy, it really IS a game of inches.


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