About Bill

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Bill.

My love of broadcasting began at the age of 5 when my parents bought me that first Mr. Microphone toy.  I was still interested in broadcasting a year later at age 6 when my parents tossed Mr. Microphone into the middle of the street with hopes that it would be run over by a giant truck.

I have spent most of my life living in both Missouri and southern California.  In addition to lots of odds and ends like producing websites and voice-over jobs, you can also hear me weekday afternoons in Saint Louis on 550 KTRS Radio.  “The Bill Clevlen Segment” has been on the air there for over 10 years.  You can also tune into my popular trivia show each Saturday night.  “Bill Clevlen’s Trivia Night” can also be heard in Saint Louis on 550 KTRS radio, online through ktrs.com or using the smart phone ap called Tune-In Radio.

I also host several charity trivia nights through out the year.  My annual trivia night is in March each Spring at the Kirkwood Community Center.  I’ve also hosted events for organizations big and small  like the Missouri Grocer’s Association, Lindbergh High School and Ameren UE.

As always, keep listening…  and I’ll keep trying!



  1. Glenn Shields says:

    Bill, my wife & I heard you on Frank Opinion today and wanted to add that we are both 60 and neither of us have ever had a beer nor smoked a cigarette. We have tasted beer and have tried wine lots of times but just have never gotten to where we enjoy the taste. Generally, we don’t drink either unless it is something like an ice cream drink like a Grasshopper or Mudslide. I thought we were the only ones. Thanks.

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