Taylor Swift

Haters be dammed — I think Taylor Swift is one of the most brilliant and talented performers currently in the music industry.  While some despise the fact that she sometimes writes songs about people that piss her off — I think it’s one of her greatest qualities.  Can you imagine making millions of dollars off of someone that treated you badly?

For those that care to actually learn about her, she is one of the most down to Earth and appreciative young women in the business.  She really cares about her fans and proves it by giving them much of her time.  When stars like Beyonce or Miley Cyrus are hiding in the dressing room, or in the back of a limo, Swift has been known to spend hours upon hours meeting fans, signing autographs and even making wishes come true for soldiers or sick kids that want to meet her.

I had the honor of meeting her in 2007 at an awards show in Nashville.  She stands 5 foot 11, without heels.  With heels — she stood about 6 foot 3.  As you can tell by the look on my face, I wasn’t really too concerned about appearing short. (Although we did discuss it.)  My favorite line from our conversation had to do with her hand shake.  Taylor told me: “I’m sorry, I kinda shake like a man”.


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